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An Elegant Breakfast

When we travel, one of the things I look for in a hotel is an elegant breakfast. Yup. Big beds, good wifi, a downtown location and an elegant breakfast. Finding the perfect combination of understated luxury and practical services isn’t always easy, but if you do find it, you can probably assume that there will […]

trader joe's

A Foodie’s Defense of Trader Joe’s

A few years back, when my interest in food and cooking collided with my political side, and I, like millions of others, discovered Michael Pollan, I made some very serious pronouncements and decisions about food. Of course, I blogged about these decisions, as I did about all of my decisions in those days. Oh, how […]

Chicken and sausage soup

Chicken and Sausage Soup

The cliché is accurate: it’s always summer here. Oh, I know, people here will tell you it’s “freezing” when it’s 50°F outside, and it does get cloudy (ish) and chilly (a little) in January and February, but it takes a real act of deliberate self-deception to buy into the idea that it’s winter. So screw it, […]

soft boiled egg breakfast

In Praise of the Soft-Boiled Egg

A soft-boiled egg in a ceramic cup, served with a dainty spoon to eat it with, was part of my childhood. My brothers and I would knock the tops of our eggs off with our tiny spoons, eat the bit of white out of the shell we’d removed and then dig in, sprinkling salt into […]


Online Recipes: How do you know they’ll work?

Like most cooks, I’ve smudged a greasy finger across my iPad screen more than a few times, and I’ve probably exposed my computer keyboard to more moisture and kitchen spooge than it was designed to handle. Cooking without the internet to help me with tasks like conversions and substitutions, and to dispense general advice, seems […]