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Twitter IPO

The Twitter IPO is not for you

Twitter will hold its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Thursday to great anticipation. Hopefully (for them, at least) this will go better than the Facebook IPO both on the technical side and on the price side. No matter which way it goes, though, the Twitter IPO is not for you. Now, if you are interested in […]

Nest thermostat

The Internet of Things

Okay, it looks like I’ve decided that I need a series of “primer” posts in order to ensure some baseline level of knowledge among my readers. If this post or the big data post are uninteresting or too basic, hang tight: more complicated posts are coming. I just don’t want to lose anyone along the […]

This is a visualization of Wikipedia edits made by a single bot.

What is Big Data?

If you’ve been paying any attention to the tech industry in the past year or so, you’ve probably seen almost as many references to “big data” as you’ve seen to “the cloud.” Both are ridiculous and fairly meaningless umbrella terms for things that actually matter. More on the the cloud later, but as I mentioned […]

A labeled image of the Enigma Machine

Cryptography is Hard

Lots of things in the news recently have been pushing me to do an article on cryptography. Unfortunately, cryptography is hard, and the longer I try to work on this, the longer the article gets. Meanwhile, I realize that at >1000 words, I still haven’t really explained anything useful and my readership probably gave up […]